Affordable, reasonable family law advice at low cost | Milson Legal


Intitial meeting £150 –

Take as long as you want. The first meeting has no time limit so you can take as long as you want, you can tell us in your time. At This meeting we discuss legal issues on your matter and methods to resolve. We also give you an idea of the cost and timescale involved. We provide full and frank honest advise.

Full representation £175 –

This is the traditional way of instructing a solicitor from start to finish. The cost of this is £150 per hour

Pay As You Go –

You pay us a fixed fee for specific work you wish us to undertake for you. We do not go on court for you and do not correspond with the court or any parties involved. If you wish to instrut us to attend a court hearing on your behalf we would be happy to do this on an hourly rate or a negotiated fixed fee depending on the nature of your case. The pay as you go option is popular with instructing with the preparation of forms/documents or bundles.


  • Save money compared to traditional Full respresentation
  • Control cost
  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Experienced qualified advise
  • Tailored to your needs

Capped Fee -

We also apply fee caps. This basically means that we do not work beyond an agreed cost without your permission.

Milson Low Income scheme –

This option is for individuals on low income who are financially eligible for legal aid but their case does not qualify. This scheme has significantly reduced fees. Call now to see if you qualify or simply fill in the request form on our website and we will call you back when it suits you.