Nikkah And Talaq Advice

Nikkah and Talaq

We advise on Nikka and Talaq in the UK.

The Nikah is a marriage contract under Shariah (Islamic) Law, such contracts have no legal standing under UK law. In order to ensure that the marriage is legally recognised in the UK, some couples choose to carry out an additional marriage at a registry office which gives the marriage the legal effect of a civil marriage under the various laws in the UK. However, Nikah marriages that have taken place abroad in countries that have Muslim family law legislation such as Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia may be legally valid in the UK provided that the marriage was conducted in accordance with the formal laws of such country.

Talaq is a divorce under Sharia law and similar the UK does not accept the talaq as official Divorce through the courts in the UK, however saying that this area of law is complicated and a talaq obtained in a country that recognises the it would be seen to be as valid.

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