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Change Of Name

For expert legal advice CALL our experts for an initial FREE consultation about changing your name or your child's name, on 0113 8730032 or complete the form below

We at Milson Legal Solicitors can assist with all family law matters, including change of name issues. Its not uncommon for a change of name for you or your child following a change in a family circumstances and relationships. People choose to change their name for many reasons . We at Milson legal are able to complete a change of name deed for you very quickly, within 30 minutes to be precise.

We have an online service for change of name for adults or for children where there is an agreement by everybody with parental responsibility. We draft a change of name deed for you, this is proof to show to relevant department and bodies such as bank, schools, passport agency etc. Call us now on 0113 8730082 to find out more about the online service or complete the form below.

Changing a child's surname requires a letter of consent from all parties holding parental responsibility. If there is a dispute and everyone with Parental Responsibility does not give consent we are able to advice in relation to making an application to the court for leave to change a child's name.